What is the Timeline for Building a House

You would want to know how long it will take to complete building your house once the construction begins. However, every construction project is different and involves various stages that could both have significant impacts on the project’s timeline. Nevertheless, the following is a basic timeline for house building. 


The main pre-construction activities include finalizing house plans, obtaining permits, and streamlining your finances. They could take about one or two months to complete. 

Breaking Ground and Laying Foundation 

After clearing the land and leveling the ground, you can move on to pour the foundation. Depending on the size and house plans, most builders suggest a timeframe of about four weeks. 

Framing and Roofing 

Framing usually takes about two months but, it could sometimes extend, especially when there is bad weather. 

Siding, Plumbing, and Wiring 

After putting up the roof, builders will finalize the exterior installations before they start plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. The whole process can take an average of four weeks to complete. 

Interior Works 

The interior works may vary based on the design of the house and finishes to be installed. The activities mainly include installing drywalls and cabinets and other carpentry finishes. Interior works usually take about two months. 

Final Touches 

At this stage, most of the construction activities are already completed. The final touches involve flooring, painting, hanging ceiling fans, installing smart home appliances, and finishing any remaining plumbing and electrical works. The activities can also last an average of two months. 

Based on the above timeline, building a house can take an average of about 13 to 14 weeks. However, the nature of the construction and other factors such as delays in the delivery of materials, building permits, and the weather could extend the timeframe. The key to avoiding unnecessary delays is taking time to prepare and plan well for the project.