Who Are the Main Players in Any Construction Project?

Every construction project has the main players. These are professionals that work together to ensure the success of the project. 

The Client 

Construction is a client-based industry. Construction companies work with different types of clients. A client is a company or person that controls the interests of the project. Essentially, a client has a significant control level when it comes to the appointment and assessment of contractors and designers for the project. 

The Contractors 

A construction project involves a contractor and subcontractors. A contractor is a professional that has the necessary technical know-how to start the project. In most cases, the contractor foresees everything that happens at the construction site. They are also accountable to their client. A subcontractor is responsible for just some parts of the project. These parts can include electrical engineering, landscaping, and plumbing. 

However, both contractors and subcontractors can have varying tiles. Some of these titles include prime contractor and principal contractor. A subcontractor can be described based on their job. That’s because they are specialists in general works, trades work, and domestic works among others. 


A supplier is a party whose responsibility is to supply services or goods. Some of the goods that this player can supply include construction materials. Among the supplied services include all packages that the parties may agree upon when it comes to the development of the structure. This player is very important because a delay in the supply of construction materials can put the project at a standstill. 


A consultant is a person that provides expert or professional advice in the construction industry. This advice can vary depending on the construction project stage. For example, a consultant may advise the client when it comes to the design work done by the architect. A consultant may also advise the client on setting up the project, preparing or producing tender documents, and administering contracts. 

Each of these players is very important in a construction project. That’s why it’s important to ensure that you have the right people working on your project.…