Meet people in town and make some new friends! 

Do so, by joining a club or group.

Active NCL members may participate in groups and clubs. If you'd like to join but are currently not a member or have not renewed your membership, please complete this online form. Once you've completed the form, someone from an existing group with an opening will contact you.  If you'd like to join a group, start up a new group, or add something not currently listed, please contact our Membership contact: Marissa Keleher.

Club & Group Listing & Descriptions

Book Club NCL currently has five active Book Groups which meet anywhere from once a month to once every couple of months in members homes to discuss books chosen by the group.

Bunco Bunco is a dice game played with 12 players , four players at each table. Players roll for points and "buncos" (3 of a kind). Roll the most points and/or Buncos and you can win. Lose the most games, and you still might win! Partners change throughout the game, so it is a great chance to meet new people. There are currently 2 active Bunco groups.

Cocktail Club The Cocktail Club is a couple’s club, meeting every 6 weeks or so, usually on a Saturday evening. Members bring food and the host usually provides drinks.

Gourmet Group There are five Gourmet Groups consisting of 8 to 12 members who meet every 4-8 weeks, generally from September - June. Each member is partnered with another member and hosts a gourmet dinner in their home for the rest of the group on a rotating basis.Some groups also host couples dinners once or twice over the year.

Supper Club A Supper Club consists of 8-12 members and meets about every 6 weeks. The host picks a theme and makes the main dish. The other members are assigned appetizers, side dishes, wine, or dessert to complement the theme or the main dish. Everyone takes a turn hosting over the course of the year.

Working Moms The Working Moms Group meets informally to share experiences, make new friends, give/get advice on a variety of topics, relax and have fun! We coordinate Friday night gatherings at a member’s house for a few hours of conversation, networking and unwinding. Also, there are weekend playgroups for moms with children under the age of five. If you’d like to attend an event or have ideas for other activities, please contact Sarah Collier or Michele St.Laurent. We hope to see you soon!

Weekend Playgroup for working moms and more This group is for families to have the opportunity to enjoy a playgroup on the weekends. We will meet about once a month on a Saturday or Sunday, either at a playground or a member's home. The group focuses on children under age 6 and siblings are welcome. Please join us to have your children meet other kids in town who are the same age and will be future classmates. Please contact with any questions or to sign up! Hope to see you there!

Wine and Apps This group is ladies only, with an occasional events for couples. The hostess provides the wine and determines a theme if she wants to, everyone else brings an appetizer with the recipe to share. These clubs have just started so there’s plenty of room to expand!